Individually controlled air conditioning

Suspended ceilings

Sprinkler system

Panoramic views

Lighting 500 lux

122 m


28 000 sq m

of lettable space


parking spaces


Office building of excellent technical standard. Spektrum is equipped with a modern building management system and state of the art access control systems.
Floor loading capacity
4,0 kN/sq m
ElEctricity & power supply
main power supply of 4.2MW, reserve power supply of
1 MW (from two independent lines) + ups
structured cabling
building is equipped with vertical fiber optic cabling
6 high speed lifts in the core + 2 panorama lifts, 2 lifts serving underground garage, 1 fireproof & goods lift
sprinkler system
sprinkler system installed throughout the building
access control
& cctV systeM
building equipped with modern access control & cctV system
air conditioning
fully air conditioned (4 pipe system) with individual room control
modern building management system
serVer rooMs
dedicated areas including separate cooling

Office Space

A choice of fit-out options are available and will include suspended ceilings, individually regulated air conditioning and the possibility to install raised floors.
Net floor to ceiliNg height
2.90 m in most areas
HIGH aIr vOlUme
35 m3/hour based on
an occupancy 8 sq m/person
OPenable WInDOWS
30% of the windows
floor fiNishiNg
high quality carpet
carton partition walls from floor to suspended ceiling
SUSPenDeD ceIlInG elemenTS
high quality acoustic panels
internal laminated single door
separate electrical sockets
and data sockets